Windows Server 2016 012: NIC Teaming

In this guide we will enable NIC Teaming in Windows Server 2016. This will enable load balancing of outbound traffic and fault tolerance in case one connection goes down.

Having fault tolerance is important as you’ll be eliminating another point of failure in the network. Ideally you’ll also be able to plug in both NICs to different switches on the same network, in case one of switch failure.

Enabling NIC Teaming

First, you will need 2 NICs or if you’re using a VM then 2 Virtual NICs. Both NICs will have to be on the same network for this to work. I’ll be doing this in a Virtual Machine within ESXi.

In Server 2016 open the Server Manager and go to Local Server.

You will see the NIC Teaming status in this area. Click on where it says Disabled.

In the NIC Teaming window shift click to select both your adapters, right click and go Add to New Team.

Name your new team and click OK.

At first it may say there is a fault but after 10-15 seconds both interfaces will go green.

You’re all done! Don’t forget to setup any static IPs again as you’ll have a new interface.

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