GMDanmaku 2: Lua based Touhou Shmup Maker

When I started my first GMDanmaku project I did it as a way to teach myself basic programming. It ended up being an excellent project for that and it got me thinking of what’s next. After dabbling in some other projects I decided to make a game/tool people could use to learn programming in a similar way. Being somewhat inspired by the Touhou community lead me to decide on making a Touhou Shmup making engine.

I did a small release of this engine on my YouTube channel a few months ago and haven’t updated it since but rather than leaving it as another unfinished project I thought I would fix the reported bugs and re-release it here, along with the source code.

Here is the wiki with documentation and supported Lua functions: GMDanmaku 2 Wiki

Download Links: GMDanmaku 2

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  1. Simone

    Hi, is it possible to download the source code?
    I would really like to see the source since I too have tried many times to recreate a danmakufu from scratch with GameMaker, Godot or even C ++ as ZUN does. But each time I can’t go beyond the simple bullet with only speed, angle, and acceleration T.T. If it were possible to download the source maybe I could understand how to go on beyond the simple bullet :).
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

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